Anonymous asked:
I need some advice I thought I was over my crush who happened to be my friend. Then last night I had a dream that she happened to be in and now I cannot stop thinking about her. I really don't want to go chasing after this mirage of the love that'll never happen. The thing is I already spilled my heart to her and I got the I'm sorry response so idk anymore I have horrible judgement and I never know when to quit. Any advice to get over someone?

if a girl was honest with you, take that as a gift because it was hard for her to do that. your dreams are your unconscious and that was what it was, a dream. please don’t get hurt.



A random record that I wrote after insomnia influenced me to spontaneously stumble upon Sango’s original “When I’m Around U.” More NEW music on the way soon…

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Anonymous asked:
how do I use makeup to make my skin look clear? I've never used makeup before and I know about nothing.

look on youtube

it honestly helps so much

Anonymous asked:
I don't know what it is. But I literally feel like I'm FRIGGEN losing my brain, I feel my self going insane. I feel like I'm having a heart attack... The reason is because I'm talking to this kid I think I loved/love and I haven't talked to him for a year and e randomly messages me, but we are having an okay convo but I feel like I'm going crazy. Idk what to do. What does this mean?!

you are hype

like OD HYPE

Anonymous asked:
She's just like "okay". Then I see her and our friend coming towards me at my locker and it feels weird. I don't want it to be weird I hate that. But I'm mad that before, she'd get mad and be like why didn't you wait for me so I always would and I didn't mind. I just expect the same back for a lot of things that I do for her. But if she doesn't feel like it then she doesn't do it. Like idk if is it me or her the problem? Help

no I  think you being upset is justified but youhave to bring it up with your friend for anything to get fixed. if not, shes just going to keep on walking all over you.

Anonymous asked:
i feel like my boyfriend puts me second with his friends. like when we quietly argue with each other, instead of coming to and trying to focus on trying to fix things with me he just leaves me alone there while he and his friends ignore me. i don't care about his friends paying attention to me, but it hurts hat he does it, and they don't try and convince him to talk to me and i've known them since elementary and middle school, he just talks to them more.

have you talked to your boyfriend about this about how it hurts you? if not, I think it’s time you should because he probably doesn’t realize how this makes you feel

Anonymous asked:
hi ate! theres this guy ive liked for 2 years, and this year i only found out that he likes me too. nililigawan nya ko and yeah weve been hanging out and stuff but honestly i dont know what to do, it feels like i lost interest in

if you lost interest, tell him. don’t lead him on because that is unfair to both of you@@@@

Anonymous asked:
i just wanted to get this out of my system but i sort of like this guy and we talk everyday and we're starting to get kinda close. he's super cute, but he has a girlfriend and they're super cute and they've been together for such a long time. oh and he's also my ex's best friend and just uGHHHH

he has a girlfriend. please respect their relationship.

you wouldn’t someone doing that to your boyfriend if you ahd one

Anonymous asked:
(Continued) Should I wait until later until I tell them or should I just tell my parents? My boyfriend is okay with being a secret but I don't know if it's right

it isn’t right but I don’t know how much longer you can hide it before they find out

Anonymous asked:
Hey bea. My boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 months. I haven't told my parents yet and I don't know if it's a good idea. They believe I should start dating when I finish college and I already have a job.

I think that honesty is better than being caught in a lie, but you know your parents best. from experience however, I think that honesty goes a long way