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Will hate me at school bc I was born in 2000. Like wow did you not guess??? Uh that's like the reason why I want to be homeschooled. I don't wanna be judged for the year I was born in.. (3)

everyone judges everyone, you can’t get away from that the only thing you do is be yourself. I know youre not one of those kids that everyone hates but even if you were, you shouldn’t let small minded people get to you

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Never dressed trying to act like I'm older, my "outfits" literally consist of jeans and a graphic tee, and yeah. So my older cousin is going on and on and on and on about how she hates my generation. So I say, "I know me too". Then she gives me so much attitude as if I didn't have a right too. WHICH IS STUPID BC I HATE MY GENERATION THE STUOID ONES (which are the majority) ARE THE LITERAL REASON WHY PEOPLE HATE US. Yet my bitch of a cousin is targeting me, telling me how everyone (2)

I understand

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Hi ate. I was born in the year 2000. The generation that every person who was born in the 90's hates. Us 00's... Words cannot express... But basically we suck. We have sex, we do drugs, we dress like we're 18, we do the dumbest shit. And as lame as this sounds, I am not including myself. Even though I stated we, I don't necessarily mean myself. Never had sex, never did anything with the opposite gender, unless yelling at them to help me with a project counts, never did drugs, (1)

I see

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i met a guy 4 days ago on a service trip and we'll be going to the same college next year. he told me how much he likes me, but he "sort of" has a gf, so we both chose to not do anything physical. we just talked. our trip just ended and we're now 8 hours away from each other until the start of the school year. i'm confused about where we stand but i feel wrong even wondering about it because he has a gf. what should i do in the meantime? we had a deep connection that i haven't ever experienced.

in the mean time, be friends. do not be the home wrecker and do not pressure him to do things to you when you aren’t ready to do or he isn’t ready to do so

let him figure things out first and if he wants something, yay - if not then whatevs youre in a whole new world - college, so enjoy it

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Why would a guy just randomly stop talking to you? I just don't understand! 😔 am I not good enough? He said that he would always be there for me and would never push me away. I don't know what to do.

it’s because he’s not ready and he’s too much of a coward to talk to you about it. it’s not you and it sounds cliché, but it’s definitely not your fault.

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Hi Ate, so I have been talking to a guy for like a month. We would text everyday, but starting like four days ago, we haven't been texting. I texted him 'hi' one time and he didn't answer until the next day. We have not been texting at all for about a week now. Can you tell me what's going on? Or what to do? I need some advice. Thanks!

he’s being a pussy and slowly pushing you away

he just doesn’t want to tell you straight up

do not put in effort if he isn’t returning it

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ate im 15 and im starting cheer on tuesday and its my first year! im totally nervous, can u pls give me some tips most of my cheer friends say i would be a flyer bc im super short & small


be confident and just do your best and try your hardest :)

as long as you do not put so much pressure on yourself you should be ok. remember to annunciate and smile.

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ATEE ! ok have you ever been to a CFC-Y conference? and than you meet a bunch of others from different cities. well i "met" this really nice guy and i added him on fb. the reason i said "met" was cause i was talking to our mutual friend and all we said to eachother was hi LOL but i added him and i wanna chat with him w/o looking creepy plus have nothing to talk about! ps. apparently hes really shy + im not much of a texter so idkkkk

just talk to him. you have mutual interests! do not be so nervous :)

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Hey ate, so I met this guy on Omegle and I like talking to him via kik. I usually have to start the conversation first but when he replies he seems interested in talking to me and also flirts a bit (sometimes it kind of comes off as kinky). Thing is, he lives in a different country and works full time because it's summer :/ I told him when I might come visit his country spring break of 2015, but I fear we won't talk by then :/ what should I do ate?

if you are already discouraged this early in the game, do not make promises you are already upset about