Anonymous asked: Hi Ate, I'm sad because I haven't experienced that highschool type of love. Maybe, it's because I can't let any guys get close to me. Maybe because I'm too shy. Maybe because I'm not pretty enough. But I just want to experience that naive love that most high schoolers do. I'm in grade 11 and I don't have much time yet. Am I wasting my time? Are my expectation or standards too high? I dunt know... im just sad that I haven't experienced this yet.

youre not wasting your time

remember this: it’s not all it’s caught up to be, trust me.

Anonymous asked: i really like my best guy friend. he walks me to class, waits for me at my locker, tells me I'm worth more than I think, he holds my hands when he sees me, he always hugs me, he cares about me more than my friends do. I am fighting depression and 2 eating disorders and he is the only person who has made an effort to help me. I like him so much but I don't know how to deal with it....

i think you should keep going and continue what you have and see if it grows. he is there for you and he is awesome. if something is gonna happen, you dont have to force it right now right?

Anonymous asked: (pt2) in the next few months. on one hand, i understand because after all its only about half a day, and i don't want to complain too much because its really me whose going to be busy and not able to hang out. but in all honestly, i already went through all this trouble to spend time with him, and even though its not a lot of time, its better than nothing right? we're not even going to be able to have a chance like this in the next months ... ugh

you guys will find time. even if it’s just passing each other for a few moments. all time is precious right?

Anonymous asked: (pt 1) my boyfriend and i will be pretty busy in the upcoming 2 months (mostly me) so i'm trying to set apart as much as i can for him until then. we were sorta supposed to hang out this friday because we don't have school, and even though we never completely agreed on it, he suggested it first and i had to make so many arrangement to work out that time. its not a lot of time, so now he's saying that its okay we'll just hang out another time, but i already know we won't have much time to hang..


Anonymous asked: okay, SO, in 7th period, my friend was like, "i have something to tell you about your somebody!" & I was like, "who?!" & she said, "your ex somebody" & I was like, "😨 what?!" & she was like, "it wasn't anything bad! he was just talking about you in government! he said how you're so beautiful, but there just wasn't really a connection & if he waited more, you guys could've lasted longer" she said it was really sweet. I was like, "aww," & he & I actually said hey after he had government SO YEAH


Anonymous asked: My ex says he wants me back. He misses me and I miss him a lot too. And then after a while he can't take me back because I cheated. I was wrong and I want to prove that he's the only guy I want in life. What do I do, ate?

he’s unsure, so dont give him the time of day. move on and find someone that wants you 100%

Anonymous asked: Not really here to ask for advice but just to say your url is really cute :3

thanks boo

Anonymous asked: So cardio is just running? That's all to lose the lower fat of my abdomen?

cardio is not just running

dance, running, walking, biking

once you lose the fat, you do ab exercises to tone it.

doing193820938 crunches doesnt make you skinny

Anonymous asked: Hmm I see. You didn't get it? Then I'm sorry. It was just this in short. I was attracted to someone else other than my boyfriend hehe. I met him on an app called "hot or not" and we met up. Then afterwards, he just stopped texting and that bothered a whole lot. Which led me to the conclusion that I like him. I confronted him about it and he told me that he has a crush on me but won't do anything coz he knows I have a bf. so I guess that solved it. He became distant and I let him.


Anonymous asked: Ate the guy that i like that calls me babe and im not his gf is asking for ass pics what do i do?

dont send him ass pics